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MTM800 Tetra mobile 380-430MHz


 MTM800 Tetra mobile 380-430MHz, Dash Mount (BRAND NEW DIRECTLY FROM MOTOROLA)

Complete With:

  • Speaker
  • Fist Mic
  • Low Profile Trunnion

Frequency Band: 380-430Mhz

Motorola’s MTM800 TETRA control head sets the standard for new levels of durability, performance and usability. Developed for organisations where rugged and versatile mobile radios are essential, it builds on the key components of Motorola’s field-proven and trusted TETRA platform, placing information at the finger.

These radio's are not held in stock. They will be ordered from Motorola upon your purchase. Please be aware that it may take upto 21 days for your order to be dispatched, However, it is usually within 10 days.


If you have any questions, please ask!


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