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Motorola MTH800 380 - 430MHz Tetra Terminal


Motorola MTH800 380 - 430MHz Tetra Terminal (BRAND NEW DIRECTLY FROM MOTOROLA)

Complete with:

  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Battery Cover
  • Belt Clip
  • 380-430Mhz Antenna

Frequency Band: 380-430Mhz

The MTH 800 boasts the very latest technological advances -developed in response to a myriad of real-world requirements.From public sector users such as the emergency services and military, to commercial enterprises in industries as diverse as utilities, retailing, construction, logistics and transport – the need for greater security has never been more important.In addition, the MTH 800’s ability to send and receive clear, high contrast images provides even greater flexibility to the end-user as well as another addition to Motorola’s long list of TETRA ‘firsts’.From the End to End encryption to the integrated GPS Location system, the MTH 800 offers an unrivalled set of tools for personal safety and security.

These radio's are not held in stock. They will be ordered from Motorola upon your purchase. Please be aware that it may take upto 21 days for your order to be dispatched, However, it is usually within 10 days.


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