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Sepura SRH3900


Sepura SRH3900 TETRA Radio


Available as the SRH3900, this radio is the latest addition to the proven SRH3000 range of compact, rugged hand-held radios. Designed and built to exceed IEC529 IP54 standards, the SRH3900 withstands day to day use in some of the harshest environments found in the public safety, military, transport, and utilities markets.


•Large, high resolution colour display, viewable in all light conditions

•Loud, clear audio

•Extensive data capability

•A user interface supporting Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese and Korean character sets.

•Integrated End to End (E2E) encryption hardware, activated via a software upgrade.

•DMO repeater capability (enabled via software licence) allows full call participation when the nrepeater is in use.

•Supported by a full set of programming and configuration software tools: SKMS, Radio Manager, plus Crypto key management tools.


Frequency Bands Available:

•380 - 430MHz



These radio's are not held in stock. They will be ordered from Sepura upon your purchase. Please be aware that it may take upto 21 days for your order to be dispatched, However, it is usually within 10 days.



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