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Sepura Radio Manager 2 - Entry Level


Sepura Radio Manager 2 - 400-00074

Radio Manager 2 extends the already excellent tool allowing theautomation of the radio programming process and makes it even moreintuitive to use, enabling organisations to realize greater timeand cost savings.

Running on a Windows-based PC, Radio Manager is availablein four versions to suit different sizes of organisation. Eachoffers configuration, programming and asset tracking features,giving you the power to customise and manage multiple radios,locally and remotely.

Product Version:

  • Radio Manager EL
  • Radio Manager Lite (Please ask for more details)

Radio Manager 2 Minimum Requirements:

Intel Core 2, 2 GB RAM, 5GB of free space Operating System:

Windows XP SP2+ 32/64 bit, Vista SP1+ 32/64 bit, Windows 732/64 bit

Full Details on the Sepura website here

Price: 849.99

Price includes 20% VAT, Software and Licensing.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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